HEAT Authority has the widest selection of Bucket & Pail Heaters available.  Shop for Heat Authority, Powerblanket, ProMAX and other popular industrial heaters.  5 Gallon, Pail & Bucket full wrap heaters available online with reduced shipping and fast delivery.  Call (866) 805-4328 or shop online for quick delivery!

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If you store food or chemicals in 5-gallon buckets then you know it can be difficult to regulate temperatures and stay within critical ranges for heating and storage requirements. By using an effective heating solution like bucket warmers from Powerblanket or ProMAX certain foods and materials will last longer and be more effective. Powerblanket & ProMAX bucket heaters are superior when compared to conventional heating and warming methods. Our Bucket Heaters are EASY to install, EASY to use and EASY to store AND they will save you time and money.

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Powerblanket PB400

The 400 series band heater offers consistent, regulated, safe, and evenly distributed heat to your container. The Powerblanket PB400-5-200C band heaters is able to reach a temperature of 400° F and remain at that temperature without any significant fluctuation. Such features are imperative in order to protect your product from being compromised, and Powerblanket patented technologies deliver as much or as little heat as needed. Oh, and did we mention our heaters are insulated, significantly reducing heat loss and the risk of burns to human flesh?

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Never over or under heat your products again. Our rapid penetration technology delivers a barrier of uniform directional heat to the entire blanket surface – completely eliminating the hassles with hot & cold spots which “cook” or burn your product.  With Heat Authority, you get precision temperature control every time! Visit our website today at HeatAuthority.com or call Toll Free (866) 805-HEAT 4328 and one of our helpful team specialists can assist you in getting the product you require.