Bulk Heaters are the answer to pre-heating construction and warehouse materials prior to use.  Hot-Box stands for Jobsite Heating – and nobody does it better than HeatAuthority.com   Hot-Box bulk material heating stations are ideal for pails, drums, paint, bagged asphalt, caulking, spray foam, chemicals, roofing supplies, food products and other viscous and temperature sensitive materials that require appropriate temperature control.

Bulk Heaters - HeatAuthority.com
ProMAX HBC80Q – HeatAuthority.com

Names like PowerBlanket and ProMAX are synonyms with quality bulk material heaters that offer temperature control for pinpoint accuracy when needed.  With or Without Digital Temp Controls, you can achieve temperatures as high as 212°F.

Bulk Heaters & HotBox’s

Bulk Heaters - HeatAuthority.com
PowerBlanket FBW15 – HeatAuthority.com
Bulk Heaters - HeatAuthority.com
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Heat Authority offers Bulk Material Heaters in all sizes and heating options. Visit our site at this LINK for pricing. All items are in stock and available for immediate shipment.  If you require a Custom Size, give us a call and we can help you with whatever size or power demand you require.

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