Our Custom Tank Heaters can provide maximum freeze protection for a wide variety of applications. Heating, insulating, thawing, and protecting fluids from harsh outdoor environments is our specialty. Available in multiple lengths and diameters to fit large tanks & silos.  Servicing industries for oil & gas, mining, construction and industrial environments…

Custom Tank Heaters

Just as the title implies… HEAT Authority.com can help solve even the most demanding of projects. Whether it’s a special size, shape or environment,  we can provide a solution.

custom tank heaters - HeatAuthority.com

custon tank heaters - Dairy Tank Heater
Dairy Tank Heater – HEATAuthority.com
Heat Authority - custom tank heaters

Our goal is to provide the most efficient and safe heating solution for your specific TANK and to help prevent freezing issues throughout the cold winter season. We are the experts. Give us a call today to find that solution.

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