Gas cylinder heaters from will exceed your expectations.  Keep your pressure up, extend “gas mileage”, and eliminate unnecessary refills regardless of outdoor weather or working conditions.  They are quality built, easy to install and perform as designed.

When working with compressed gases, each substance has its sweet spot – as temperature drops so does PSIG. By using a Powerblanket, ProMAX or BriskHeat cylinder wrap, gases can be heated and maintained at optimal temperatures allowing for maximum safe output.

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Gas Cylinder Heaters – Where to BUY:

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We also carry gas cylinder heaters for Hazardous Area Locations. If you require Class 1, Division 1 or 2 certification, we’ve got you covered.  We offer several different cylinder heaters made specifically for flammable and hazardous areas.  When safety is a number one concern, turn to HEAT Authority for the solution.

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  • Heat, Insulate and Protect Compressed Gases
  • Best Solution for Temperature Maintenance
  • Insulated Full Wrap Design – Keeps Heat In & Cold Out
  • Adjustable Straps for a Secure Fit
  • Cinch Top Design Minimizes Heat Loss
  • Safe on a Wide Variety of Gases
  • Even Heat Distribution to Entire Blanket Surface
  • Weather Proof & Water resistant
  • Certified to UL / CSA safety standards
  • Standard Color: BLACK
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