We offer all sizes of IBC stainless tote heaters.  HeatAuthority.com is the AUTHORITY on tote heaters.

stainless tote heaters

Common Uses:

  • Stainless Tank Temperature Control
  • Freeze Protection
  • Heat IBC Totes & Containers
  • Maintain Temperature in Product
  • Protect Temperature Sensitive Liquids
  • Heat DEF, Chemicals, Water, Petroleum & Food Products
  • Effective on both Stainless and Poly Totes & Tanks
Heat Authority - Stainless Tote Heaters

Stainless Tote Heaters

We’ve tested the ProMAX IBC Stainless Tote Heaters & Poly Tank Heaters for all around general use applications!  Here are the results.

promax stainless tote heaters - HeatAuthority.com

Case in point – the ProMAX 275 & 330 Gallon (model HA275 & HA330) IBC Tote Heaters with silicon insulated heating elements heat quickly and offer superior insulation against cold warehouse and/or outdoor weather conditions.  Available in 120V & 240V options & 1800 watts of heating power, the ProMAX will achieve a high-temp of 212°F and customers are demanding this high-heat technology. Heating and maintaining temperature in a variety of materials has never been easier.  Safely heats and insulates food products, chemicals, water and other temperature sensitive solutions for year round temperature control.  Viscous materials slowing down your operations?  ProMAX Tote Heaters will save you money and time while helping you maintain an even and consistent temperature year-round.  Adjustable straps and pinpoint temperature control via their digital controller make this a very popular model. CALL (866) 805-HEAT to order or BUY NOW.

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stainless tote heaters - HeatAuthority.com     stainless tote heaters - HeatAuthority.com